Thursday, December 6, 2012

Johanna Rothman new book!

Program Management is one tricky stuff and only few agilists have worked on it.

The most interesting literature about this is coming from the Project Management Institute (PMI). The principle behind Prog Mgt is to handle a bunch of project and keep it aligned.

Biggest failures comes from only focus on the Program Outcome:

  • Program is the driver
  • Focus on Program benefits
  • In Agile Projects Scrum-of-scrums and Meta Scrums are not enough
  • Agile Earned Value Management is only for governance and portfolio management
So, I will be waiting on this very interesting topic without any restraint because I'm a fan!


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  3. Having a PMP certification does not presume that you're aware on project management techniques. From the field, the reverse is quite often the case.
    For PMP or PMI-ACP you don't need to attend a course, they are enough material online and you can buy a preparation training book to achieve your certification.
    Back in the reality, in more 20 years of Project Management in more than 100 companies, I never saw a proper PMBOk project.
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