Friday, April 13, 2012

my cute Agile letter to Headhunters

Like every consultants, I love headhunters, they reached the upper scale of my proxy-experts (... fairytale teller..) ... from sales to lawyer to headhunters .... I love you... it's fun to have 4 times a day at phone with THE JOB OF THE YEAR,, THE MISSION OF THE CENTURY... just to nurture your database.
The best thing is when you got each week another person from the same company selling the same... lovely.

When the mission is clear (let's say functional) then there is no problem.


When you talk about agile...... then call Houston... you have a problem"

Here 3 points:

     (Project Management Officer) is in charge of the Portfolio Management (time, cost, performance), Risk and Issue Management, Methodologies and Best Practices support. PMO also coaches and mentors operational teams.

    1. Prince 2 PMO's are more Portfoliomanager, 
    2. PMI PMO's are close to my definition of PMO, 
    3. Agile PMO is typically where you can find Agile coaches.

Agile/Scrum Coach? 

     is in charge of the implementation of the new methodology and supports organizational change in their transition. It's also called Change Agent. Agile is known as customer centric approach, people friendly and value maximizer.
    1. it's not about engineering: Test Driven Development (TDD) doesn't help you to synchronize teams
    2. it's not about Software Development
    3. it's about supporting team work
    4. it's about support individuals
    5. it's about working on the Change with the Management
    6. it's about inspiring and operational excellence

Operational Excellence? 
    is for improving the system according risk reduction and quality improvement.

    1. it's coming from Lean Manufacturing
    2. it's about to visualize the process and to improve it
    3. it's about going to the shop floor with the management
    4. it's about detect the failures with operations and solve collectively issues
At last, I have almost the same questions:
  • why is the daily rate of an Agile Coach at the level of an indian tester?
  • when you send an agile to coach a board of VP's in a Private Back in Zürich, take care that the daily rate is close to McKinsey's or BCG's. Not for the money but ears are connected to money.
Now, I'm done.

Feel better? not really



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