Monday, October 29, 2012

Auditing Scrum Programs/Projects as a coach!

Auditing is part of our job as Scrum Coach. I agree, it's not usual at all but it can be interesting to measure where we are and where could go and with who!

Please find below the first approach on auditing Scrum programs. I didn't share the Cobit links or how I did this but a work sheet based on:

So here the work:

 These measures are off course for "junior" scrum projects and several other points can be added, like:

  • definition of ready
  • level of done
  • end users involvement
  • support of Risk Management
  • support of Finance
  • support of QA
  • Agile Product Life Cycle Management
  • Visual Management
  • People engagement
  • Change and Transition
  • etc...
links to Cobit 5 will be added in next posts.



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  1. I agree organizing systematically (ie, creating a process in place) is the most essential step. However, its easier said than done. Thats one area where its wise for small business to invest money on professional project management certifications like
    agile scrum certification courses.