Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extracts from the Semco’s Survival Manual for “Stoosiens”

Last week-end a couple of Agile Thinkers have meet in Stoos (Switzerland) for a “Global Management Warming” session.

 ““We are looking to energize organizations in ways that make them better for the organizations themselves, better for the people doing the work, better for those for whom the work is being done, and better for society as a whole. And we want to understand how we can speed it up!

To support this activity, I will share some extracts from Ricardo Semler’s “Maverick”

“Semco’s Survival Manual”

Organization Chart
No formal chart
Only the led creates the leader
The others of that unit have the opportunity to interview and evaluate ... before taking a decision
Even managers must have the “Go” from the team they want to lead.
Working hours
Flexible, each employee is responsible for track
Semco does its best to adapt to each person’s desires and needs.
Working environment
People must feel free to change and adapt it.
No rules.
Are important for workers protection. No persecution for union connected workers.
Always mutual respect and dialogue.
Are normal as part of democracy.
Must always represent what people of the company think and feel.
Company’s philosophy built on participation and involvement.
“Don’t settle down. Give opinions, seek oportunities and advancement, always say what you think. Don’t be just one more person in the company”.
Evaluation by subordinates
Twice a year people of Semco become a questionnaire to evaluate what they think about their boss.

Factory committees
Those are guaranteed and need to defend people’s interests.
This is considered as healthy and necessary.
Hierarchy still exist.
No tolerance for: subordinates pressure, fear, insecurity, disrespect.
Job Security and Age
3 years seniority or age of 50 can”... only be missed after a long series of approvals...”
Semco has the will to increase people’s security.
Are healthy and positive.
They are characteristics of the company.
Clothing and appearance
Are not a factor for hiring or promotion.
“Feel at ease – wear only your common sense.”
Private Life
Is sacred for the company. No interference.
HR department can help people on-demand.
Company loans
“The company loans money for unforseen situations.”

“Create pride by insuring the quality of everything you do.”

“People must strive to communicate with frankness and honesty.”

“don’t be shy or stick to formalities.”

No prizes for suggestions. Everyone must speak out and all opinions are welcome.

Women discremination programs.
Women/Men equally treated.(*)
Are vital for people/s health and company’s welfare.

(*) my add-on

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