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Carlos Silva, Program Manager at Nokia Brazilian Research Center (INdT)

Scrum Master Maturity Level. How can it be ranked?

“During past couple of years running Scrum I have observed types of Scrum Masters (SMs) and their ways of solving impediments and facilitating the team's work. 

To run this framework right below the project management layer, we have to formalize some minutes as evidences of the process. The SM makes this very well besides removing impediments and conducting cerimonies, etc. 

As a Program Owner I see that the organization needs a SM who is the Leader or People and Leader of the Process. In fact he has to be a leader to be able to solve the problems not only related to the team's running framework, but issues like overtime management, travels planning, specific purchasing, training planning and other topics related to cost management, resources management... This is one side of the "late" Project Manager functions, now splitted in two parts: Resource Management (SM) and Product Management (PO). 

So according to the need of the leadership skills in dealing with people and make the Scrum run accordingly, I see no other way instead of ranking the type of SM the project needs. The more experience the better manager he is. 

One who has the technical side flourishing more than the personnel side is more recommended to follow in the direction to become a Product Owner. 

But one thing is clear: who nominates either the PO or the SM is not the team. It is the Organization. The team can suggest or recommend but in the end it's a company decision. 

What happens at your side with the SM maturity levels? What are they in charge of, according to the level of maturity?”

Pierre’s Answer

Hi Carlos, 

I agree with you...According to that we (my Team) are developing a HR-Scrum approach and we use Scrum as a Process to improve organisational Maturity. 

Jumping on your last point: organisation is choosing its ScrumMaster, and when possible SM choose its PO. Depends on focus: 
- if the Project issue is a Product, then i think it make sense to start with the PO
- if the issue is the Process (Change) and/or the Architecture/Organisation then start with a ScrumMaster.

We have to expand the Change to the Organisation and change the image "Scrum is just for IT". At the moment Scrum is understood as an Engineering Tool and not a PM... that's poor. 

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