Thursday, February 23, 2012

Play4Agile 2012 is “done”, p412 has started....

I past last weekend in one of my favourite agile event “Play4Agile”. This year we got the 2d edition and it was ... amazing.
P4A12 is an 3.5 Days Open Space with a focus on Agile Games, Serious Games, Innovation Games, Gamification... GAMES & Coaching! It takes place almost at the Seminarzentrum Rückersbach (50km from Frankfurt Airport).

What did we explore: “how to say no when you can’t?”, Delegation Poker, Lego games, Legos & Cynefin, Games supported by music, Agile Fairytales (The Emperors new clothes), Attack!Boom!Pow! (space violence for fun), Personnal Kanban, Pivoting Black Jack, Geeks vs Managers, Fearless journey, The Power Play, Switch Game, “Yes and...” Poker, Stoos, Lean Workflow Design, Agile Waltz, Diversity, Space Alerts, “A penny for my thoughts”, Real Options, Visualize it, Going with resistance, 5 minutes games, Iterative Game Framework, Tools stolen from the Theatre, Robo Rally, Play Planet, Nobody’s perfect, Towering options, Kanban & pizza, Strategy Play + a lot of others amazing coaching games.

The real power of this event is making the connection to the “Family Cloud”

Adam Lawrence (D), Alexander Van der Berg (D), Anton Maric (CH), Antti Kirjavainen (FIN), Bernd Schiffer (D), Björn Jensen (D), Bruce Scharlau (UK), Carsten Sahling (D), Christian Dähn (D), Deborah Preuss (D), Elen Grove (CDN), Florian Eisenberg (D), Geoff Watts (UK), Gitte Hansen (DK), Ilja Preuss (D), Irene Kuhn (D), Jason Ayers (UK), Jenni Jepsen (DK), Jens Hoffmann (D), Juliane Conradt (D), Kai Simons (D), Karen Schmidt (D), Katrin Elster (D), Kerstin Bücher (D), Konstantin Obenland (CH), Krishan Mathis (D), Lilian Nijboer (NL), Marcel Van Hove (D), Markus Edgar Hormeß (D), Martin Heider (D), Meike Mertsch (D), Melanie Meiden (D), Michael Leber (A), Michael Laussegger (A), Mikko Mannila (D), Nadine Haertel (D), Nadine Hamann (D), Nancy Van Schooenderwoert (USA), Olaf Lewitz (D), Olaf Bublitz (D), Ole Jepsen (DK), Patrick Dickhaut (D), Peter Roessler (D), Pierre Neis (F), Portia Tung (UK), Ralf Kruse (D), René Füger (D), Rob Van Lanen (NL), Robert Van Vark (NL), Samatha Laing (South Africa), Sandra Warmolts (NL), Sandra Reupke-Sieroux (D), Sebastian Lang (D), Sebastian Eichner (D), Sebastian Schuermann (D), Sergey Dmitriev (N), Simon Roberts (D), Steve Holyer (CH), Sven Röpstorff (D), Sven Tiffe (D), Teresa Oliver (E), Thorsten Kalnin (D), Timofey Yevgrashyn (Ukrain), Urs Reupke (D), Wolf Wehner (D), Wolfgang Wiedenroth (D).  

There is a lot to say... I'll share it with you soon.


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