Monday, March 19, 2012

PLöRK a new Play+Work social event

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PLöRK is a 90 minutes social event where:

1. someone has an issue
2. you come to test a new game and to solve collaboratively that issue

1. solving the issue at least clarifying the exit
2. have a template of the game as takeaway
3. get connected to other people
4. have fun
5. play and work : PLöRK (thanks Karen for this name!)

- Gives the value that you earned
- Can be invoiced as training or coaching

Who should come:
- everybody from your network who you will find as useful
- kids too
- don't come alone

PLöRK #1 will be March 26th at coPROcess Training Room in Luxembourg

... and come to help D... with its issue by testing

"Spectrum Mapping"

Register here

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